About me - Moments of Magic - Photography by Andreas Hemb

Photographer Andreas Hemb

Who am I?

Since 1998 when I spent a year in the beautiful Scottish landscapes I’ve been hooked in the wonderful world of photography. My photography interest have over the years evolved in to a small side business and acts as a perfect artistic compliment to the analytical nature of my day job.Going through many styles I’ve been drawn more and more into wildlife and bird photography. To slowly become one with nature so that you can share and observe the subjects life without disturbing them is a wonderful feeling. I get rewarded with so much more than just the images I take with me!

This style of photography can to some extent also be applied to my other main area of photography, lifestyle portraits. An image can contain so much more than just a reflection of our surroundings. I strive to get passed the documentary aspect of photography, an image should provide feelings! In my images I hope to be able to project the beauty of the nature that surrounds us and the living friends we share our world with. To get the observer to become one with the seen and get them to share the feeling I felt while experiencing these moments of magic in person. This is what categorize a truly successful image!

Enough about me and my thoughts around photography, please look around and enjoy!


2018 - Shortlisted in Bird Photographer of The Year

Shortlisted in Birds in Flight Category. Results from finals comes in August

2018 - Finals in Nordic Nature Photographer of the Year

Finalist in the biggest Nature Photography competition in the Nordics

2017 - Shortlisted in Open Wildlife category in Sony World Photography Awards

Shortlisted and Top 8 placement in category Wildlife in the worlds biggest photo competition. This year SWPA had over 227.000 entries from photographers from 183 countries!

2017 - Winner Swedish National Awards and Best Swedish Photograph in Sony World Photography Awards

My image 'Buffaloes and stars' was awarded winner of the National awards and deemed best swedish image regardless of category.

2017 - 5 times finalist in Golden Turtle Wildlife Photography awards

5 images through to the final and included in the exhibition for Golden Turtle Awards, one of the biggest wildlife photography competitions in Europe

2017 - Winner of Fotosidan Masters kategori Natur

Overall winner for the year after 1 win and 2 second places. 

2017 - Finalist Nordic Nature Photography Contest in category Travel Photo

My series 'From Dusk till dawn - African encounters in the night' came to the finals of the NNPC competition in the category 'Travel Photo'.


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